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Los Vivancos

As seen on Dancing with the Stars

'We find there is a lack of truly strong female dancers in the

percussive panorama.. and Paula's work is incredible and inspiring.'

Eric MacEwen 

CFCY Radio

'Paula is a phenomenal dancer. Truly an electrifying performer.'

Libbe Hubley

Senator of Prince Edward Island

'With high kicks and dramatic moves, Paula shines during performance,

and her captivating stage presence vaults her to the top of her profession.' 

Colleen McNally

East Coast Recording Artist

'Spectacular, amazing talent! One of the best performers I've ever seen!'


July, 2019

Paula is delighted to be performing at the Commons in Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 1st for Canada Day! The annual FUSE FESTIVAL kicks off at 12pm and is a free event for all! Please check The Buzz and Tour pages for more info. Cheers!


September, 2019

Paula is honoured to be invited to perform at the Tablao Flamenco cabaret in downtown Toronto on September 21st, and will be performing her full repertoire of dance that blends Flamenco, Tap, Canadian Step and Irish Hard Shoe. Hope to see you there!  

L a t e s t   V i d e o