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About paula

Paula Roberts is a professional Flamenco and Irish dancer, choreographer and entertainer.  


“I’m a blank canvas, so for me, future plans are about limitless possibilities.” 


Paula blends both Flamenco and Irish with freestyle, creating a fusion totally unique to percussive dance.  Her own evolution mirrors her vision of breaking the boundaries of dance, sharing a style that does more than just entertain – a style of dance that moves an audience to an experience.


Her versatility gives her the ability to improvise at any given moment with musicians of different genres. With her unique adaptability and wild imagination, she continues to evolve as a dancer, choreographer, actress and model. 


" My ultimate dream is the creation of my own show."


Paula is constantly looking for new experiences. She loves to collaborate with professional guitarists, drummers, musicians and dancers of every genre. Feeling completely at home on stage, Paula loves to spend her time performing and can only imagine a lifetime of dance.


"Expressing in life... expressing in dance... what would one be without the other?"

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