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About paula

“I’m a blank canvas, so for me, future plans are about limitless possibilities.” 


Paula’s own evolution mirrors her vision of breaking the boundaries of dance, sharing a style of dance that does more than entertain – a style of dance that moves an audience to an experience. Creating a piece of artwork with her feet and body, Paula evokes a new means of expression. Her versatility gives her the ability to improvise at any given moment with musicians of different genres. With her adaptability, she will always be evolving as a dancer, choreographer and entertainer. 


What makes Paula refreshingly different is her willingness to reveal her vulnerability, exposing all of who she is, knowing her sometimes cheeky and bold nature is a part of her humanness. Extremely honest about her feelings, Paula can bring a smile to the faces of many unsuspecting friends and acquaintances.  

"Expressing in life... expressing in dance... what would one be without the other?"


Feeling ‘at home’ on stage she loves to spend most of her time performing and can only imagine a lifetime of dance. Being a child at heart, yet wise beyond her years, Paula exudes a captivating presence and a magnetic quality of performance. A light-hearted, playful attitude and a passion for dance is her secret to a balanced life of work and play... for which she is hard-pressed to see the difference.

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